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Friday, October 26, 2007

Business links

English - The Language of Global Business (Forbes)
Babylon business dictionaries
Business Game - Maze
BBC - Professional skills 
  1. Real Time Updates - (Bovee & Thill)
  2. Business English Lessons
  3. Blair - business English exercises
  4. Business English Blog
  5. Biz/ed - accounting & finance - question bank
  6. Business dictionary
  7. Business English Quizzes
  8. BESIG: The Business English Special Interest Group
  9. Business English Lessons - advanced level
  10. Business English grammar quizzes
  11. Business English through Blended Learning: U.S. English Services
  12. Business English Links for ESL
  13. BT Business Game
  14. Simunomics - The Ultimate business Simulation Game
  15. Business English Site
  16. ESL - Business English
  17. Annual Reports 
  18. Teaching Meeting Skills © Macmillan English Dictionary
  19. Business English Online © Macmillan
  20. Longman's Business - Business Glossary (French)
  21. BBC - Talking Business
  22. The Business Emporium
  23. Macmillan Business English: "In Company Web Guide" -"These websites provide a quick and helpful way to motivate your students and contain resources which are up-to-date and enjoyable"
  24. Macmillan Business English: Free photocobiable worksheets
  25. Macmillan Business English: E-mail-English worksheets Internet-based projects for business English © Leslie Opp-Beckman and Kay Westerfield
  26. Case Studies: "Use these case studies to bring business theory to life with well-known companies" ©
  27. Curriculum vitae according to EU standards © Suzanne Schaefer
  28. Business and Technical Writing (sample PDF-documents to download) © Bedford / St. Martins
  29. Resume Tutor
  30. Example Interview Questions ©
  31. Useful Vocabulary for the Resume and the Interview ©
  32. Business correspondence ©
  33. Finding the Right Job - The Personnel Department - Finding a Job - The Cover Letter ©
  34. English for the workplace: Basic Business Letters, Essential Job Interview English (I), Essential Job Interview English (II), How To Write A Business Letter, How To Write A Resume In English, Cover Letter (+examples) ©
  35. Banking and business abbreviations: © "test your knowledge of common banking and business abbreviations" ©
  36. Important Business Collocations Quiz ©
  37. Banking Vocabulary Collocations Quiz ©
  38. Business English Glossary: Englisch / Französisch (alphabetisch) © Kevin Halion
  39. Economics Glossary © / Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco
  40. Teaching Writing Skills: Example Lesson: Business English Class: Upper Intermediate Level ©
  41. Intermediate Level Business English Reading Comprehension - Company Financial Profile ©
  42. Intermediate Level Business English Reading Comprehension - Financial Services ©
  43. Intermediate Level Business English Reading Comprehension - Check Cashing / Deposit Policies ©
  44. English for Professional Communication: © the ITIP team at the English Centre, The University of Hong Kong
  45. A Sales Letter: "Here is an example of a letter aimed at selling a product to specific customers. Included are useful phrases used in these types of letters." ©
  46. Placing an Order: "Placing orders for products is simple. Here are the phrases you need and a model to follow." ©
  47. Making a claim: "Sometimes things don't go well and you may not receive what you've requested. Here is an example letter with useful phrases to be used when you need to complain". ©
  48. Adjusting a claim: "If you've made a mistake and you need to adjust a claim that someone has made against your company, this is the letter for you." ©

  49. Home

  50. Resume and Cover Letter Guide: "Guide to writing effective resumes and cover letters, including worksheets, resume samples, cover letters samples, skills lists, content, appearance, and proofreading checklist." ©
  51. Teaching Telephone English for Business ESP English Classes ©
  52. Telephone English ©
  53. Business English Online "Browsen Sie in über 25.000 Satzbeispielen und verbessern Sie Ihre englische Korrespondenz" ©
  54. " ist das deutsch-englische Wörterbuch u. Nachschlagewerk im Internet für englische Briefe, E-Mails u. Faxe: Die gängigsten Formulierungen u. Mustersätze für Business English" © flashbooks-Team
  55. Linguarama: Language Training for Business © Linguarama International
  56. Useful business English Phrases: "One of the most common requirements of business English is holding meetings in English. The following sections provide useful language and phrases for conducting meetings and making contributions to a meeting." ©
  57. Ten Days in Manchester: "a ten part business English series to help you learn English for your work and travel!" © BBC World Service
  58. Business Vocabulary ©
  59. Business English Exercises ©

  60. Business Trip: a WebQuest © David Smith
  61. Business Correspondence (Linksammlung) © Dirk Andresen
  62. London Chamber of Commerce and Industry Examinations Board (LCCIEB): die Webseiten der IHK London mit vielen Informationen über international anerkannte Zertifikate im Bereich Business Englisch. / "Zusatzqualifikation Englisch" Angebot - Kostenlose Infopacks
  63. Telephone English © Eduard Roose
  64. English for Professional Communication - Rubriken: Introduction - Research - Resumes - Telephoning - E-mail - Letters - Interviewing - Presentation - Reporting © English Centre, Univ. of Hong Kong
  65. Ten Days in Manchester: An interactive intermediate business English course featuring Tony Marshall and May Hunter © BBC World Service
  66. EPals: The Leading School-Safe Email Solution
  67. Teaching Socializing Skills (Top Tips for Business English) © / by Rosemary Richey + Activities for practising vocabulary related to socializing + Teacher's notes and answer key for the activities
  68. Business Lesson Describing Trends:"Vocabulary describing economic growth and decline is one of the most important areas for students of Business English." © / Tipp von Dorothee Gräter (enpaed-Mailingliste)
  69. Describing and Analyzing Graphs - Tipp von Dorothee Gräter (enpaed-Mailingliste)
  70. Business English: Useful Expressions ©
  71. L'anglais des affaires: Business English Glossary (English => French / French => English) ©



Here are some more Business English exercises to help you practice:

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