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TOEFL IELTS אנגלית למבחנים בחיפה

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Newspapers, TV, and other English language media sources

PART 1) News - Reading & listening THE LOCAL

  1. Euronews
  2. BBC
  3. BBC World Service
  4. Sky News
  5. NY Times
  6. New Scientist
  7. Financial Times - monthly newsletter
  8. Market Watch
  9. Economist
  10. - Breaking News, U.S., World, Weather, Entertainment & Video News
  11. International Herald Tribune
  12. France 24
  13. Expatica
  14. Reuters
  15. Daily Yomiuri - Japanese
  16. eurosport
  17. Thousands of online newspapers
  18. News in Levels
  19. Germany - Deutsche Welle


PART 2) More News - easier to read and listen to:
  1. CDLP - News Stories
  2. News in Levels
  3. The Learning Edge
  4. Still-hot Breaking News & Current Affairs Lessons & Plans for ESL, EFL & ELT
  5. Simple English Daily news headlines and very short articles behind the headlines.
  6. Lessons plans and materials for upper-intermediate and advanced ESL & EFL learners.
  7. New York Times: Daily lessons based on NY Times articles. Primarily for students at grades 9-12 but useful for more advanced ESL learners.
  8. Voice Of America: Daily listenings that are read at a slower pace. News articles centre on a core vocabulary of 1500 words with short, simple sentences, active voice and no idioms.
  9. CNN Interactive Learning Resources
  10. CNN News - Story Archives
  11. BBC "Words in the News": Listen to and learn vocabulary from BBC World Service news stories. There is a weekly lesson complete with teaching notes and student worksheets.Good practice - Listening Sites
  12. BBC World Service: Listenings and video with tapescripts, quizzes and vocabulary exercises.
  13. The Key
  14. BBC Video Nation: Videos of different British people speaking. Includes comprehension tests.
  15. Australia Network
  16. The Learning Times - Korea
  17. ELLLO: English Language Listening Lab Online. Listen to English speakers from all over the world. Over 400 listening activities that include quizes and texts. New listening every day.
  18. Common Dreams - News Center
  19. A site for phrasal verbs. It has listenings with tapescripts and exercises that focus on phrasal verbs.

This is a link to the CIA World Factbook - it has a complete run down of almost every country in the world and is very interesting (don't forget it's written by Americans...):

If you write any word or question in this search box it will give you answers - really COOL! :


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